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A4 paper size is the most common paper size used for printers and fotocopies. But what is exactly the size of it? In this site you can find information for A4, A3, A2 and other sizes.

Here you can find info for the aspect ratio of the most popular paper sizes. The dimensions are provided in inches and centimeters for American and European system. Feel free to visit all of our pages.

The A series of paper consists of 11 paper sizes A0 to A10 all of them using the √2 aspect (see the menu for more). This gives the advandage that when the sheet is folded the aspect doesnt change. For example when you fold an A3 sheet you have an A4 sheet with the same exactly length to width aspect ratio. It was proposed by the well known france mathematician L. Carnot in the end of the 18th century and became a DIN standard in Germany in 1922. A4 is the official paper size for the United Nations documents. Nowdays A4 is the standard in every country except the USA and Canada. The USA use the letter size. The B series uses the same aspect ratio but it is slighly bigger than A.

Size is not the only dimension you have to worry when buying paper. Weight is very importad to. We measure the quality of paper in GSM (grams per square meter). The standard weight of the paper we use in printers is 90-100GSM. Thinner papers (bellow 75GSM) are not suitable for general use. Thicker papers (110-150 GSM) is suitable for brochures and posters. 200+ GSM is like magazine covers.

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